Are Full Face Snorkel Masks Safe?

There's been a lot of "riff raw" in recent years about the safety of full-face snorkel masks.  When they first hit the market, they were madly popular and they still are.  However, more accidents and even deaths have occurred since they first went on the market. 

  • So, are full-face snorkel masks safe?
  • Short answer:  Yes.  Very.

Wider Use of Full Face Snorkel Masks

The reason that more accidents are happening is because there are more full-face snorkel masks in use now.  Unfortunately, not all people respect the ocean and they feel that snorkeling is "easy".  While it is a relaxing recreational activity, you should still be aware of several snorkel safety precautions.  Snorkel accidents happen almost daily but the reason that you're hearing about full-face snorkel mask accidents now is because more and more people use them.

Use Full Face Snorkel Masks Correctly

Lastly, people misuse full-face snorkel masks.  These masks are made for relaxed, floating on the surface of the water and looking down to observe the ocean and marine life below.  These masks are not made, and never were intended to be, dive masks, free diving masks, or masks that are made for hard swimming.

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